Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

There are widely known stories about the eagle, such as the one when the eagle turns forty and about the eagle that lived among the chickens. The first one teaches us that if we want to develop in the right way, we must get rid of old traits, abandon them so that we can be born again and continue to live and prosper. The second one again warns of the danger of stagnation, stuffiness, narrow-mindedness that prevents the realization of the greatest potentials of one’s own.

The eagle is a symbol of incredible power and intelligence. It is the lord of heaven. It supervises everything from spiritual heights. Its intelligence and insight reach far, everything is more clearly from above. It is the one who in the myth of the Psyche helps the Psyche to solve one of the tasks by reaching the spring and taking water. It is the will itself – only the will can awaken the will. And in Rome, the eagle on Jupiter’s sceptre is a symbol of will. It is associated with the sun, the sublime spirit among the ancient Greeks and Persians, as well as with the god Zeus. It is thunder and lightning, the creator. It represents nobility, power and war. As an initiatic bird it flies from one world to another, it regenerates and guides souls. It has been a collective symbol of strength and power since prehistoric times. The double-headed eagle reinforces this meaning and has doubled power.


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