Welcome, I am Neda.

In love with classical philosophy, Italy, art, fascinated by the beautiful.

Enchanted by this love enthusiasm, I swam the rivers of life that led me to study Italian, specialize in cultural communication in Rome and the school of philosophy. The research spirit and the desire to acquire new knowledge opened me the door to new fields such as writing, psychology, art, spirituality.

I believe in moral qualities, wisdom, generosity, nobility as essential human values. And I know (personally convinced) that every individual can become more humane, develop better relationships with the world around him, have his legacy (mission), constantly learn and build his career in the best possible way. I am always inspired by “weirdos” and “crazy” individuals who leave a positive impact on humanity. They can never achieve this without the support of other individuals and it is only possible if they do it together.

I would love to help one another with the Magialchimia, wake up and be reminded of what we are capable of. This cloud in the internet sky is the seed of the first small steps towards this goal. I can’t wait to connect and get to know you better and make this world a better place by creating inspirational, creative contents, being students and teachers at the same time, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Thank you.

Published articles:

Online magazine Soulfood “Pitagorejska škola” (“Pythagorean school”)

Online magazine Soulfood “Hipatija iz Aleksandrije” (“Hypatia of Alexandria”)

Email: magialchimia@gmail.com